Welcome to Musicians First

It is likely that you are here because you emailed a person in the music industry, or they have reached out to you.

We are a service for musicians who want to work with managers, labels, publishers, agents, studios and the like.


We believe that when a musician submits work, it should be listened to.
All good artists should be remembered.

Before we started representing musicians interests, nearly everyone in the music industry relied on email, folders, spreadsheets, lists, WhatsApp, texts and their memories to organise their work. It was easy for them to get overloaded and for you to get missed.


We provide well designed tools and apps for our partners so they listen to more of our members submissions and remember the acts that they like.


Your work is very easy to review

We make it very easy to review submissions - making it more likely that they will listen to yours.

(Yes, even easier than emailing links to Soundcloud!)


You are easier to recall

If someone thinks they can work with your talents, they keep a visual easy-to-find-you-again card in their directory.


Your details can be passed on

It is super simple for people to find your details and pass them on to their immediate colleagues and others in the industry.

Why can’t we do it the old fashioned away?

People who work in the industry get so many introductions and submissions they find it difficult to listen to and remember specific artists, especially if the details were sent via email.
And if they have listened to and liked your work? You’d be surprised at how difficult it is to recall your details from the thousands of tracks they have reviewed.

What else should you know?


Should I Join?

If you are serious and committed, yes!
If you are not ready yet, then perhaps not..

The people you are asking to review your work will be committing time and effort to you. So make it count by creating an industry focused profile so they can understand what you are about.

Is there a fee?

Yes. We are a sustainable business devoted to ensuring your music is listened to. Without a fee, we can’t achieve it.

The fee pays for the apps and the tools that make it possible for our partners to guarantee to review your work.

There is no contract. You can cancel at any time.


When you join we will strike up a conversation with you. We are here to help, so tell us what you need and how you would like to see us improve. We’ll do our best to look after you.

Musicians First.